Philosophy for Kids – Where did it start?

Years ago, I scuttled into a Uni lecture theatre and sat next to a geeky looking guy who jabbed his phone viciously with his finger.

‘What subject is this again?’ I asked.

‘Foundations of Management Thought,’ came the reply. ‘It’s about philosophy … it’s compulsory.’

‘Right.’ I said. I stared blankly at the lectern. Philosophy. What did I know about philosophy? Next to nothing.

Then a lecturer blasted through the door, he waved his hands about his head and his voice bellowed across the theatre, down the corridor, and outside to the students puffing cheap cigarettes near the lake. He was passionate. He spoke fluently. He knew his stuff. You could just tell. He started talking about Plato.

I stumbled out of the lecture theatre feeling gobsmacked and slightly woozy. It quickly became apparent that if I was going to nail this MBA ─ I had to get up to speed on philosophy. And fast!

So I started reading … and reading some more … and more … (I won’t write ‘and more’ again, but just so you know, I never stopped reading)

Many years later, I came to question why I wasn’t exposed to philosophy in school. Critical thinking and reasoning skills are actually quite useful in life. In fact, I will go further than this. THEY ARE FUNDAMENTAL. So why did my Australian school education bypass philosophy altogether? I have no idea. Should it have? No.

Then, I started wondering how I could get my own children exposed to philosophy. At the very least, they should be aware of who the great philosophers were. So, I developed a cunning plan. Write them books! How hard can it be? Write a few adventure novels ─ make the stories interesting. Throw some of the famous philosophers into the mix. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

ABOUT A THOUSAND DRAFTS LATER … Plato’s Academy and the Eternal Key, is finally released. And thank you all for your terrific support!


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