Carpe Diem

Sadly, yesterday we mourned the loss of a truly great comedian, actor and soul, Robin Williams. It is difficult to describe why William’s passing leaves us with such an overwhelming feeling of loss.  After all, none of us knew Robin personally … but we felt as if we did.  For me Williams’s movie, Dead Poets Society, rates not only as an all-time classic but a timeless motivational statement to us all ─ to be the best we can be. The film inspired generations of teachers, stirred the dreams of millions of children and touched the heart of anyone wallowing in indecision.

The catch line from the film was the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘Seize the day’ which came from a famous poem written by Horace in 23BC. Horace was an Epicurean and subscribed to the teaching of philosopher, Epicurus.  Epicureans see happiness as being the greatest good, and to attain it they live a modest life, seek knowledge about the world, and live free from fear and pain ─ a simple and humble philosophy which in our time, probably difficult to implement.

But I think Williams for one, would want us to subscribe to Horace’s Epicureanism when mourning his loss ─ let us live free from pain. Carpe Diem.

Rest in peace Robin.

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